Al-Zaytouna Boutique Hotel

From the center of the oldest capital in the history  “Damascus“, the Zaytouna Family Hotel welcomes you in an entire Arab Damascene house located in the heart of the old part of the city, near Bab Touma Square (one of Old city main Doors) & surrounded by many historical, heritage and religious monuments.

The hotel consists of 13 rooms (single – double – triple) and an Arab house courtyard with a water fountain,

a traditional dam and a lot of unique details, equipment and services provided by our team,
making your visit to this experience unique and comfortable in all its parts.

Al-Zaytouna Boutique Hotel is therefore the preferred destination for all those looking for simplicity, history and heritage in Damascus,
as well as the service and excellence of reception.

Hot Spots Near Al-Zaytouna Hotel

2 min to bab touma sqr